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Elastic ellipsoidal functions defined by the observed hydration patterns around the DNA bases provide a new basis for measuring the recognition of ligands in the grooves of double-helical structures. Here a set of knowledge-based potentials suitable for quantitative description of such behavior is extracted from the observed positions of water molecules and(More)
In feature-level fusion recognition system, there are two main missions. One is improving the recognition correct rate as soon as possible; the other is optimizing system sensor design to get outstanding cost performance. So feature selection become usually necessary to reduce dimensionality of the combination of multi-sensor features and improve system(More)
Prior research has shown that the performance of face recognition systems in variant expression condition degrade seriously compared with invariant expression condition. Face recognition with variant expression is a challenging problem. In this paper, SIFT method is proposed to research on face recognition with variant expression. Two experiments using SIFT(More)
Most porous media (just like catalyst pellets) have complicated pore structures, and understanding the coupling of the diffusion and reaction processes in these pores is very important for improving their performance. In this work, a diffusion factor (D) and a reaction factor (R) are proposed to quantitatively describe the diffusion and reaction performance(More)
Mongolia’s extensive mineral deposits and attendant growth in mining-sector activities have transformed Mongolia’s economy, which traditionally has been dependent on herding and agriculture. In this paper a Keynesian type equilibrium displacement model is developed to deduce hypotheses about the effects of mining on agriculture. A major hypothesis to be(More)
The hydrophilic flocculation of pyrite fines in aqueous suspensions with corn starch was studied by measuring particle size distribution, microscopy observation and micro-flotation. Furthermore, the interaction of corn starch with pyrite was investigated by determining the adsorption density and based on zeta potential measurements and X-ray photoelectron(More)
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