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This paper is concerned with a novel kind of deployable structures that form closed loops that fold into a bundle of bars using simple hinges. These structures, first envisaged by Dr J.M. Hedgepeth, have potential applications for ultra-lightweight solar arrays, solar sails, and radar structures. A systematic study of the kinematics of closed-loop(More)
The idea is examined that steric crowding in ligands can lead to diminution of the chelation enhanced fluorescence (CHEF) effect in complexes of the small Zn(II) ion as compared to the larger Cd(II) ion. Steric crowding is less severe for the larger ion and for the smaller Zn(II) ion leads to Zn-N bond length distortion, which allows some quenching of(More)
Atherosclerosis results from maladaptive inflammation driven primarily by macrophages, whose recruitment and proliferation drive plaque progression. In advanced plaques, macrophage death contributes centrally to the formation of plaque necrosis, which underlies the instability that promotes plaque rupture and myocardial infarction. Hence, targeting(More)
The IPv6 Routing Protocol for Low-power and Lossy Networks (RPL) allows a node to operate in storing or non-storing mode. However, as the network size increases, non-storing RPL will introduce lots of communication overhead, while storing RPL will consume lots of memory. In this paper, we improve the storing mode in RPL by reducing the memory consumption.(More)
This paper investigates the application of statistical methods in performance analysis of multimodal biometric systems. It develops an efficient and systematic approach to evaluate system performance under the influence of errors. Based upon the proposed approach, 126 experiments are conducted with the BSSR1 dataset on typical fusion methods using different(More)
Adsorption of organosulfur (thiol) molecules on noble metal surfaces has been widely used to fabricate self-assembled monolayers or modify surface properties in a broad range of novel technological applications. Adsorption of thiols on the surface of noble metals, such as gold or silver, has been intensively studied to gain fundamental understandings on the(More)
UNLABELLED Myocardial perfusion imaging (MPI) with single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) is widely used in the assessment of coronary artery disease (CAD). We have developed (123)I-CMICE-013 based on rotenone, a mitochondrial complex I (MC-1) inhibitor, as a promising new MPI agent. Our synthesis results in a mixture of four species of(More)
This paper is concerned with spatial linkages forming a closed loop. In one extreme configuration (deployed), these linkages form a frame of polygonal shape, such as a square or a hexagon, and in the other extreme (folded) configuration form a tight bundle. Throughout their motion range, they have mobility one. These linkages have potential applications for(More)
Complex hydrazone derivatives can be accessed readily from hydrazones upon heating in the presence of nucleophiles. This reactivity likely involves imino-isocyanate intermediates, and a variety of leaving groups can be used at temperatures ranging from 20 to 150 °C. Alcohols, thiols, primary, and secondary amines can be used as nucleophiles, thus providing(More)