Wei Gai

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G-quadruplexes have attracted growing attention as a potential cancer-associated target for both treatment and detection in recent years. For detection purpose, high specificity is one of the most important factors to be considered in G-quadruplex probe design. It is well known that end stacking and groove binding are two dominated quadruplex-ligand binding(More)
—A novel human hand tracking algorithm using hand occlusion information based on a single-view camera is put forward. Firstly, the moving hand is tracked by the algorithm of edge tracking. Then the hand features of boundary are used to get the maximum inscribed circle of the palm. According to the circle, the hand is divided into two parts: the palm and(More)
—We present a novel approach for 3D hand motion tracking of stage characteristics as observed in cognitive psychology. A Hidden Markov Model acquired in human-computer interaction is used to represent the high-level structure of gestures reduce the dimensionality of the search space. The estimation of hand gestures is handled by combing the model and(More)
—To improve the precision of three-dimensional hand tracking based on the particle filtering, a novel algorithm using Multi-Model fusion to improve the state prediction of particle filtering is put forward. Through analyzing the experimental data of the virtual interactive platform system, combining with the behavior understanding and description of hand,(More)
Most of current virtual/augmented reality games focus on players' immersive experience. The creative process of game design is usually not accessible to the player. In this paper, we present a new game genre that combines player initiated game design with game play. This new genre enables users to design games in a physical space and then play in a rendered(More)
In traditional shooting theater system, only one single scene image can be presented to all the players, and the interaction based on simulation guns is limited. In this paper, we describe a novel shooting theater system for freely moving players, which is equipped with two-view projecting system, individual surround-stereo earphone and user-customized(More)
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