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Prospect Hill virus (PH) was isolated from a meadow vole (Microtus pennsylvanicus) in 1982, and much of its genome has been sequenced. Hantaviruses of other New World microtine rodents have not been genetically characterized. We show that another Microtus species (the California vole M. californicus) from the United States is host to a genetically distinct(More)
Mice transgenic for MUC1 (mucin 1) and polyomavirus middle T (PyMT) develop mammary carcinomas within 15 weeks with 100% penetrance. PyMT-induced mammary tumorigenesis is closely correlated with robust telomerase expression and activity. To assess the role of telomerase activation and telomere maintenance in mammary carcinoma tumorigenesis, we generated(More)
Intergeneric crop plant hybrid lines with small-segment chromosome translocations are very useful in plant genetic research and breeding. In this study, to create small-segment chromosome translocations with beneficial agronomic characters, the progeny of wheat-rye substitution lines 5R/5A and 6R/6A were selected from generations F 2 to F 5 for rye-specific(More)
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