Wei-Feng Huang

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High quality graphics and realism are essential features of modern games. Until recently, players needed to own expensive consoles or outfit their PCs with the latest hardware to play games with cutting-edge graphics. This has changed with the introduction of " cloud gaming " companies, which require only a good internet connection and minimal hardware to(More)
This paper describes the efficiency distributed video content management in surveillance system. The main project was to develop an IP-based physical security follow ONVIF standard. This ICL ONVIF middleware was using iSCSI distributed network to establish distributed surveillance system. In this paper, we aim at the combination of multimedia content(More)
DVB-H is a terrestrial digital TV standard that allows user to move freely when receiving signals. Additional Reed-Solomon codes are also included as an option to cope with higher channel error rate in mobile environment. However, it is designed with fix-valued link layer parameters, such as coding rates and error rates. In mobile networks, channel(More)
In this paper, a network service connection management mechanism includes the following steps. Multiple network services registers to a network service platform after being activated to generate a service registry table, including multiple channel IDs and multiple service IDs corresponding to the network services. A transceiving module is utilized to(More)
In this paper, we proposed network services connection management methods and mechanisms to address the network connection port is unavailable (connect failure) and network services can not share Internet connection resource. In order to achieve the above objectives, the network packet header is removed and the establishment of the corresponding service(More)
This paper introduces a general technique for streaming complex, interactive physical simulations to portable devices from a server. We present an implementation of this approach with an iOS client application that runs particle simulations with several thousand objects. We achive good compression by factoring the simulation in two parts: the portable(More)
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