Wei-Fang Hao

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The heterolytic and homolytic N-NO bond dissociation energies of seven substituted N-methyl-N-nitrosobenzenesulfonamides (abbreviated as G-MNBS, G = p-OCH(3), p-CH(3), p-H, p-Cl, p-Br, 2,5-2Cl, m-NO(2)) in acetonitrile solution were evaluated for the first time by using titration calorimetry and relative thermodynamic cycles according to Hess' law. The(More)
The first two series of Co-NO bond dissociation enthalpies in benzonitrile solution were determined for 12 cobalt(II) nitrosyl porphyrins and for 12 cobalt(III) nitrosyl porphyrins by titration calorimetry with suitable thermodynamic cycles. The results display that the energy scales of the heterolytic Co(III)-NO bond dissociation, the homolytic Co(III)-NO(More)
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