Wei-Da Chien

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This paper presents an enhanced AMVP mechanism and an adaptive motion search range algorithm to reduce the coding complexity of the high efficiency video coding (HEVC) standard. The performance of motion estimation highly depended on the selection of advanced motion vector prediction (AMVP) mechanism. With this point of view, we firstly design a new(More)
In the depth-image-based rendering (DIBR), hole-filling is one of the most important procedures for the quality of DIBR results, especially in modern multi-view 3D-TV systems. To achieve photorealistic performance, we propose a novel inpainting algorithm for hole-filling. Rather than fill the holes in the target image by using neighboring pixels, the(More)
Loss less coding is an important technique that it will efficiently compress valuable information without any loss. This technique plays an important role for the medical applications that the content cannot allow any distortions. Recently, the advance video coding (H.264/AVC), which is well known to provide high compression ratio has been applied to loss(More)
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