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To examine the fundamental mechanisms governing neural differentiation, we analyzed the transcriptome changes that occur during the differentiation of hESCs into the neural lineage. Undifferentiated hESCs as well as cells at three stages of early neural differentiation-N1 (early initiation), N2 (neural progenitor), and N3 (early glial-like)-were analyzed(More)
  • Markus K Brunnermeier, Yuliy Sannikov, Nobu Kiyotaki, Hyun Shin, Thomas Philippon, Ricardo Reis +15 others
  • 2009
This paper studies the full equilibrium dynamics of an economy with financial frictions. Due to highly non-linear amplification effects, the economy is prone to instability and occasionally enters volatile crisis episodes. Endogenous risk, driven by asset illiquidity, persists in crisis even for very low levels of exogenous risk. This phenomenon, which we(More)
  • Wei Cui, Deborah J Fowlis, Sheila Bryson, Elizabeth Duffie, Hazel Ireland, Allan Balmain +1 other
  • 1996
TGFbeta1 has been implicated in cell cycle control and carcinogenesis. To address the exact function of TGFbeta1 in skin carcinogenesis in vivo, mice with TGFbeta1 expression targeted to keratinocytes were subjected to long-term chemical carcinogenesis treatment. TGFbeta1 showed biphasic action during multistage skin carcinogenesis, acting early as a tumor(More)
BACKGROUND Association studies have been employed to investigate the relationships between host single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) and susceptibility to pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB). However, such candidate genetic markers have not been widely studied in Chinese population, especially with respect to the disease development from latent M. tuberculosis(More)
OBJECTIVE Both in vitro and in vivo studies indicate that metformin inhibits cancer cell growth and reduces cancer risk. Recent epidemiological studies suggest that metformin therapy may reduce the risks of cancer and overall cancer mortality among patients with type 2 diabetes. However, data on its effect on colorectal cancer are limited and inconsistent.(More)
  • Geok Chin Tan, Elcie Chan, Attila Molnar, Rupa Sarkar, Diana Alexieva, Ihsan Mad Isa +13 others
  • 2014
We have sequenced miRNA libraries from human embryonic, neural and foetal mesenchymal stem cells. We report that the majority of miRNA genes encode mature isomers that vary in size by one or more bases at the 3' and/or 5' end of the miRNA. Northern blotting for individual miRNAs showed that the proportions of isomiRs expressed by a single miRNA gene often(More)
Differentiated cells can be reprogrammed through the formation of heterokaryons and hybrid cells when fused with embryonic stem (ES) cells. Here, we provide evidence that conversion of human B-lymphocytes towards a multipotent state is initiated much more rapidly than previously thought, occurring in transient heterokaryons before nuclear fusion and cell(More)
  • Markus K Brunnermeier, Thomas M Eisenbach, Yuliy Sannikov, Wei Cui, Dong Beom Choi, Delwin Olivan
  • 2011
This article surveys the macroeconomic implications of financial frictions. Financial frictions lead to persistence and when combined with illiquidity to non-linear amplification effects. Risk is endogenous and liquidity spirals cause financial instability. Increasing margins further restrict leverage and exacerbate downturns. A demand for liquid assets and(More)
Dynamic link resizing is an attractive approach for resource management in virtual private networks (VPNs) serving modern real-time and multimedia traffic. In this paper, we assess the use of linear traffic predictors to dynamically resize the bandwidth of VPN links. We present the results of performance comparisons of three predictors: Gaussian,(More)