Wei-Chun Ku

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Multithreading and multi-core processing have been shown to be powerful approaches for boosting a system performance by taking advantage of parallelism in applications. This paper presents a processor design by unifying RISC and multithreading DSP for the sophisticated multimedia applications with advanced standards such as H.264. The proposed design not(More)
Numerous approaches can be employed in exploiting computation power in processors such as superscalar, VLIW, SMT and multi-core on chip. In this paper, a UniCore VisoMT processor is proposed, which unifies VLIW and multithreading by providing an efficient control and data communication model, while offering explicit parallelisms for embedded applications.(More)
Manycore architecture is the trend of system design. However, manycore simulators face the important issue than general multicore simulators is simulation speed. Several studies provide a FPGA simulation methodology to solve it, but they almost do it by providing a new internal design of core. And some of them don't care the correctness without(More)
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