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Recent studies have shown that high miR-155 expression was associated with poor prognosis in patients with acute myelogeneous leukemia (AML). Furthermore, targeting miR-155 results in monocytic differentiation and apoptosis. However, the exact role and mechanisms of miR-155 in human AML remains speculative. HL-60 cells were treated with anti-miR-155 for 72(More)
In view of the importance of water quality in Aquaculture, this paper designs an environmental factors monitoring system. The whole system is comprised of two parts: one is PC, which acts as a host computer; the other one is a slave computer, whose core is AT89S51 microcontroller. Slave computer has data collecting module, data storing module, control(More)
In this paper, we evaluate a synchronization scheme for carrier frequency offset (CFO) and tuning offset (TO) in IEEE 802.16e subscriber station (SS). In addition, we integrate both inner receiver and outer receiver to evaluate the performances under SUI-4 channel. According to the simulation results, the proposed algorithms resolve CFO and TO effectively(More)
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