Wei-Chien Tang

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An efficient FFT (fast Fourier transform) processor is greatly needed for real-time operation in many OFDM applications, such as xDSL, DAB, DVB-T/H, and etc. This study developed four types of efficient memory-based Radix-2 FFT architecture with a memory size of N words for N-point FFT operations. The latency can be improved from (N/2)+(N/ 2)logN, to(More)
This paper presents a radix-2 memory-based FFT processors, namely, MBFFTP, with a memory size of N words for large N complex points, where each word contains 24 bits. The developed MBFFTP meets DVB-T standard and can handle both 2K and 8K modes in the same architecture. The processors have been designed and implemented in TSMC 0.18mum 1P6M process. Results(More)
Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial (DVB-T) is a leading international standard established for the move from Analog to Digital Broadcasting basically via terrestrial networks. Within DVB-T, it is possible to carry defined data containers in addition to the audio and video in the MPEG-2 transport stream. This paper presents a hardware/software co-design(More)
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