Wei Chi Cheng

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Doubly fed wound rotor induction machine with vector control is very attractive to the high performance, variable speed drive and generating applications[ 1-31. In variable speed drive application, the so-called slip power recovering scheme is a common practice where the power due to the rotor slip belowlabove synchronous speed is recovered to/supplied from(More)
[1] We examine the first decade of adjustment of the North Atlantic climate following an abrupt freshening of the high North Atlantic and resulting slowdown of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation (AMOC) in a coupled model, with reference to previously proposed teleconnection mechanisms. After an initial ocean-driven cooling at the(More)
Resonant electromagnetic properties of nanoparticles fabricated from high-index semiconductor or dielectric materials are very promising for the realization of novel nanoantennas and metamaterials. In this paper we study optical resonances of Si nanocylinders located on a silica substrate. Multipole analysis of the experimental scattering spectra, based on(More)
This article reports about nanocomposites, which refractive index is tuned by adding TiO 2 nanoparticles. We compare in situ/ex situ preparation of nanocomposites. Preparation procedure is described, properties of nanocomposites are compared, and especially we examine the applicability of two-photon polymerization (2PP) of synthesized nanocomposites. All(More)
Solar panel is an important structure of the spacecraft, SADA (Solar Array Drive Assembly is often used as the drive organ to realize the step-skipped gesture adjustment. Firstly, the dis turbance mechanism impact, which was produced from working SADA, to the electro-mechan ism and payload coupling has been taken into account, and the dead, rigid and(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Field observations to quantify damage, overwash, sediment deposition, and breaching in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy revealed clear differences in patterns of the impact between two neighboring boroughs along the New Jersey shore: Bay Head and Mantoloking. Field data and observations gathered immediately after the storm indicate(More)
Observed patterns of genetic variability among marine populations are shaped not only by contemporary levels of gene flow, but also by divergences during historical isolations. We examined variability at 15 SNP loci and in mtDNA sequences (COI, 665 bp) in red king crab from 17 localities in the North Pacific. These markers define three geographically(More)
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