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Knowledge of the position of the mental foramen is important both when administering regional anesthesia and performing periapical surgery in the mental region of the mandible. This study determines the position of the mental foramen in a selected Malay population. One hundred and sixty nine panoramic radiographs of Malay patients retrieved from a minor(More)
We have investigated the effect of three potential scar-reducing agents applied at a sciatic nerve repair site in C57-black-6 mice. Under anaesthesia the nerve was transected, repaired using four epineurial sutures, and 100 μl of either triamcinolone acetonide (1 mg/100 μl), an interleukin-10 peptide fragment (125 ng/100 μl or 500 ng/100 μl) or(More)
Scar formation is important for normal wound healing but proliferation of scar tissue from the epineurium in response to a nerve injury will result in impediment to the regenerating axons that need to traverse the repaired site. This article reviews the events that occur after peripheral nerve transection and the challenges that need to be addressed to(More)
This article illustrates a case of persistent trigeminal neuralgia in a medically compromised 65-year-old female who did not respond to pharmacotherapy. She had undergone several peripheral neurectomies as well as a failed right posterior fossa exploration that resulted in a cerebrospinal fluid leak. Persistent pain over the right external nasal area and(More)
A case of gigantic pyogenic granuloma with three recurrences in the lower anterior gingiva is presented. Surgical wide excision of the lesion is the treatment of choice. The tumour must be excised down to the periosteum and the irritants around it removed to avoid recurrence. A contributing factor to the gigantic lesion is hormonal changes during pregnancy.(More)
The anterior loop is defined as where the mental neurovascular bundle crosses anterior to the mental foramen then doubles back to exit the mental foramen. It cannot be seen clinically but can be detected in 11-60% of panoramic radiographs. As this anatomical structure is important in determining the placement position of endosseous implants in the(More)
We have determined the effect of applying Mannose-6-Phosphate (M6P), a scar reducing agent, to a site of sciatic nerve repair. In anaesthetised C57-Black-6 mice, the left sciatic nerve was sectioned and repaired using 4 epineurial sutures. Either 100 μl of 600 mM Mannose-6-Phosphate (29 animals), or 100 μl of phosphate buffered saline as a placebo control(More)
Thirty-one patients treated at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Malaya, were assessed for their satisfaction following orthognathic surgery. The female to male ratio was 22:9 with an age range of 17 to 36. Almost all patients (97%) listed appearance as one of their rationales for surgery. More males (78%) than females (59%) wanted functional(More)
A case of periapical infection resulting in unilateral maxillary sinusitis and cellulitis of the ipsilateral lower eyelid is presented. The sole symptom was right orbital swelling. The possible pathway for the spread of this type of infection predisposing factors and possible complications are reviewed. The value of radiographic examination and antibiotic(More)