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Helicases are a ubiquitous class of enzymes involved in nearly all aspects of DNA and RNA metabolism. Despite recent progress in understanding their mechanism of action, limited resolution has left inaccessible the detailed mechanisms by which these enzymes couple the rearrangement of nucleic acid structures to the binding and hydrolysis of ATP. Observing(More)
Single-stranded DNA (ssDNA) is an essential intermediate in various DNA metabolic processes and interacts with a large number of proteins. Due to its flexibility, the conformations of ssDNA in solution can only be described using statistical approaches, such as flexibly jointed or worm-like chain models. However, there is limited data available to assess(More)
Innate immunity against pathogen infection is an evolutionarily conserved process among multicellular organisms. Arabidopsis SNC1 encodes a Resistance protein that combines attributes of multiple mammalian pattern recognition receptors. Utilizing snc1 as an autoimmune model, we identified a discrete protein complex containing at least three members--MOS4(More)
With the proliferation of sensor-embedded mobile computing devices, participatory sensing is becoming popular to collect information from and outsource tasks to participating users. These applications deal with a lot of personal information, e.g., users’ identities and locations at a specific time. Therefore, we need to pay a deeper attention to privacy and(More)
Accurate classification or prediction of the brain state across individual subject, i.e., healthy, or with brain disorders, is generally a more difficult task than merely finding group differences. The former must be approached with highly informative and sensitive biomarkers as well as effective pattern classification/feature selection approaches. In this(More)
Transfer learning aims to leverage the knowledge in the source domain to facilitate the learning tasks in the target domain. It has attracted extensive research interests recently due to its effectiveness in a wide range of applications. The general idea of the existing methods is to utilize the common latent structure shared across domains as the bridge(More)
Multi-view graph clustering aims to enhance clustering performance by integrating heterogeneous information collected in different domains. Each domain provides a different view of the data instances. Leveraging cross-domain information has been demonstrated an effective way to achieve better clustering results. Despite the previous success, existing(More)
Recent studies have unequivocally associated the fat mass and obesity-associated (FTO) gene with the risk of obesity. In vitro FTO protein is an AlkB-like DNA/RNA demethylase with a strong preference for 3-methylthymidine (3-meT) in single-stranded DNA or 3-methyluracil (3-meU) in single-stranded RNA. Here we report the crystal structure of FTO in complex(More)
In HCT116 colorectal cancer cells, HeLa cervical cancer cells and HuH-7 hepatoma cells, miR-223 is expressed at a low level. Through infection with lentivirus containing miR-223 precursor, miR-223 [corrected] was overexpressed in all these cells. Interestingly, the expression levels of FOXO1 mRNA and protein, and phosphorylation levels became significantly(More)