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Control of seed detachment in Au-assisted GaN nanowire growths
The detachment and migration of Au catalyst seeds in the Au-assisted growth of GaN nanowires are observed to be controlled by the partial pressure of gallium and nitrogen radicals in the plasma-enh...
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A multi-channel low-power circuit for auditory neural signal processing from multichannel microprobes for implanting in the auditory nerve has been designed and simulated. The chip is beingExpand
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Growths of indium gallium nitride nanowires by plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition
Abstract InGaN nanowires (NWs) were grown on Si(100) at 700 °C using Au catalyst in a plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition reactor. As the indium vapor pressure was low around 16 mPa during theExpand
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Microstrip antenna with shaped folded slots for multi-band applications
A new multi-band microstrip patch antenna element with three folded shaped slots and two coaxial feeds is presented. The designed antenna covers frequency bands ranging from GPS (1.575 GHz) to WLAN,Expand
The effects of V/III gas ratios on the catalyst-assisted growths of InGaN nanowires
Abstract Single crystalline InGaN nanowires were grown on Si(1 0 0) using Au catalysts at 700 °C in a plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition system. Under the low V/III (nitrogen radicals/(Ga + InExpand
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Low temperature growth of gan nanowires by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
In this work, a novel plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition method was developed to fabricate GaN nanowires by the Vapor-LiquidTAO 92 技術學刊 第二十七卷 第二期 民國一○一年 Solid Mechanism. Nitrogen plasma wasExpand