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Immunochromatographic strip test is a unique type of rapid test that has been developed for use as part of a diagnostic kit for the rapid detection of antibodies and/or other proteins of interest. For the detection of target proteins, most of the commercial tests are assembled based on the conjugation of colloidal gold particles to monoclonal antibodies(More)
The 3'-end processing (3'P) of each viral long terminal repeat (LTR) during human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1) integration is a vital step in the HIV life cycle. Blocking the 3'P using 3'P inhibitor has recently become an attractive strategy for HIV-1 therapeutic intervention. Recently, we have developed a novel real-time PCR based assay for the(More)
A colloidal gold-based immunochromatographic (IC) strip test was developed and validated for the detection of HIV-1 protease (HIV-PR) activity and inhibitory effect of HIV-PR inhibitors (PIs). It is a unique 'two-step' process requiring the combination of proteolysis of HIV-PR and an immunochromatographic reaction. Monoclonal antibodies to the free(More)
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