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A high-performance flow-focusing geometry for spontaneous generation of monodispersed droplets is demonstrated. In this geometry, a two-phase flow is forced through a circular orifice integrated inside a silicon-based microchannel. The orifice with its cusp-like edge exerts a ring of maximized stress around the flow and ensures controlled breakup of(More)
The fusion of synaptic vesicles with the plasma membrane during exocytosis can be recorded by membrane capacitance measurements under voltage-clamp conditions. These measurements enable high time-resolution quantitation of exocytosis. The present study was carried out using the above technique to elucidate the effects of various polyunsaturated fatty acids(More)
Through atomistic computational analysis of thermal transport in nanocrystal arrays (NCAs), we find that vibrational states couple elastically across the organic−inorganic interfaces with a resulting flux that depends on the ligand grafting density and the overlap between the core and ligand vibrational spectra. The modeling was performed using molecular(More)
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