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The alien hand syndrome classically consists of involuntary movements accompanied by a feeling of foreignness and personification of the affected limb. Autocriticism, in which patients criticize and express astonished frustration with the behavior of the autonomous limb, is a commonly noted feature. Most cases of alien hand are associated with lesions of(More)
A boy aged 4 with penoscrotal hypospadias and his brother aged 12 with micropenis had typical changes of homozygous 5 alpha-reductase deficiency. After three injections of chorionic gonadotrophin there was a trivial rise in plasma dihydrotestosterone with a normal increase in plasma testosterone. Urine steroid chromatography showed abnormally high 5 beta: 5(More)
This paper presents a distributed algorithm for multiple robots to move as a group in a cluttered environment while searching for a target. The distributed algorithm consists of four reactive behaviors for obstacles negotiation, target homing, flocking and searching. Simulation and experimental studies of the algorithm show that the search efficiency is not(More)
Plasma thyroxine (T4) and thyrotrophin (TSH) were estimated in 34 children identified by neonatal hypothyroid screening and subsequently found to have ectopic thyroid tissue on isotope scan. Before treatment plasma T4 ranged from 8-143 nmol/l and TSH from 39-1,230 mU/l. After one week off treatment during their second year, repeat T4 in 26 of these cases(More)
Fifty-four neonates with congenital hypothyroidism identified by the North East and North West Thames Regional hypothyroid screening programme between January 1985 and December 1987 were investigated with radioisotope (Tc99m) and ultrasound scans of the thyroid before treatment with 1-thyroxine was commenced. Compared with the radioisotope scans, ultrasound(More)
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