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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The relation between total serum cholesterol level and thromboembolic or nonhemorrhagic stroke is controversial. The Honolulu Heart Program cohort of Japanese-American men provides data which show that elevated serum cholesterol is an independent predictor of thromboembolic stroke as well as coronary heart disease (CHD). The data are(More)
Depression is difficult to assess in Alzheimer disease (AD) and controversy surrounds the prevalence, etiology, and characteristics of mood alterations in patients with this disorder. We used a variety of standardized instruments to assess mood changes in 33 patients with AD. The frequency of depression ranged from 6 to 30%, depending on the diagnostic(More)
Purkinje cell axonal swellings ("torpedoes"), described in several cerebellar disorders as well as essential tremor (ET), have not been quantified in common neurodegenerative conditions. The aim of this study was to quantify torpedoes Parkinson's disease (PD) and Alzheimer's disease (AD) compared with ET and control brains. Brains included 40 ET cases (34(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the relation between height, FOXO3 genotype and age of death in humans. METHODS Observational study of 8,003 American men of Japanese ancestry from the Honolulu Heart Program/Honolulu-Asia Aging Study (HHP/HAAS), a genetically and culturally homogeneous cohort followed for over 40 years. A Cox regression model with age as the time(More)
In 1980 the Cancer Research Campaign launched a multi-centre breast cancer trial; aimed at repeating the Scandinavian Chemotherapy Study Group's cyclophosphamide trial, and the NATO tamoxifen study; thereby further evaluating the role of these two adjuvant regimens in patients with early breast cancer. Two thousand two hundred and thirty women were(More)
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