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penausbruch, die Ubervolkerungserscheinungen and die Parasiten" (S .86). Es wird die Arbeitshypothese aufgestellt, daB das unterschiedliche Grad ationsgeschehen auf Grund der iiberragenden Bedeutung der Wirtsbaumdisposition zu erklaren ist . Die gewonnenen Erkenntnisse nber die Bekampfung bzw . Herabminderung der durch den Eichenwickler bewirkten Schaden(More)
The human NK gene complex encodes for the leucocyte C-type lectins, CD69, AICL (activation-induced C-type lectin), LLT1 (lectin-like transcript), CD161/NKR-P1A, CD94, and for NKG-2 molecules. These gene products have been implicated in the regulation of the function of natural killer (NK) cells and other lymphocytes. In this study the expression of C-type(More)
The recognition of the head louse and the body louse being two different species is not quite new. This view is also supported by the author as can be seen in several publications. It is based on the biological species concept of the so-called new systematics. But even quite a few contributors doing research in the field of lice still ignore this concept.(More)
It has been proved on Mallophaga that the notion "hostal subspecies" can be applied at the level of intraspecies categories to constant parasites possessing, distinct specificity. The notion should be applied in those cases when there are but small differences between groups of parasites from different hosts (e. g. in sizes) and when hosts belong to(More)
Die bei der Myasthenie au f t r e t enden Storungen der mechanischen Leis tung sind wei tgehend un te r sueh t worden. Wir bezeichnen mi~ myas then ischer Reak t ion ( J o l l y ) die rasehe Ermfidbar kei t sowohl bei wiederhol ten willkfirliehen ]3ewegungen, wie bei rhy thmisehe r elektr iseher Reizung 1. Die Ermf idung erfolgt, fails te tanis ierender(More)