Wazim Mohammed Ismail

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Understanding sequence-structure relationship is the key step in protein modeling and de novo protein design. Although almost 55,000 protein structures are solved and stored in protein data bank, elucidating sequence-structure relationship is still a challenging task. To understand sequence-structure relationship better, a statistical analysis of amino acid(More)
Given an expression that denotes a probability distribution, often we want a corresponding <em>density</em> function, to use in probabilistic inference. Fortunately, the task of finding a density has been automated. It turns out that we can <em>derive</em> a compositional procedure for finding a density, by equational reasoning about integrals, starting(More)
Experimental evolution of bacterial populations in the laboratory has led to identification of several themes, including parallel evolution of populations adapting to carbon starvation, heat stress, and pH stress. However, most of these experiments study growth in defined and/or constant environments. We hypothesized that while there would likely continue(More)
UNLABELLED : MGEScan-long terminal repeat (LTR) and MGEScan-non-LTR are successfully used programs for identifying LTRs and non-LTR retrotransposons in eukaryotic genome sequences. However, these programs are not supported by easy-to-use interfaces nor well suited for data visualization in general data formats. Here, we present MGEScan, a user-friendly(More)
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