Wazen M. Shbair

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Traffic analysis is a security attack where an adversary observes the statistical pattern of network traffic to infer sensitive information. Statistical properties such as packets length and inter-arrival time provide valuable information about an application, user’s activities, and an underlying system. On the other hand, traffic analysis is(More)
Encrypted Internet traffic is an essential element to enable security and privacy in the Internet. Surveys show that websites are more and more being served over HTTPS. They highlight an increase of 48% of sites using TLS over the past year, justifying the tendency that the Web is going to be encrypted. This motivates the development of new tools and(More)
The development of TLS-based encrypted traffic comes with new challenges related to the management and security analysis of encrypted traffic. There is an essential need for new methods to investigate, with a proper level of identification, the increasing number of HTTPS traffic that may hold security breaches. In fact, although many approaches detect the(More)
Recent surveys show that the proportion of encrypted web traffic is quickly increasing. On one side, it provides users with essential properties of security and privacy, but on the other side, it raises important challenges and issues for organizations, related to the security monitoring of encrypted traffic (filtering, anomaly detection, etc.). This paper(More)
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