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Fathers as 'core business' in child welfare practice and research : an interdisciplinary review
This literature review draws from a wide array of interdisciplinary research to argue that fathers need to be included in child welfare practice and research to the same extent as mothers. SocialExpand
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SPSSI Research Summary on Media Violence
Media use among children has increased sharply in recent years, due, in part, to a significant increase in multimedia portable devices. On average, U.S. children aged 8-18 spend more than 7 hours aExpand
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The effect of auditory versus visual violent media exposure on aggressive behaviour: The role of song lyrics, video clips and musical tone
Five decades of research have shown clear links between exposure to violent visual media and subsequent aggression, however there has been little research that directly compares the effects ofExpand
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Aggression, Social psychology of
For over seven decades social psychological theories advanced understanding of aggressive behavior. The most recent major model – the General Aggression Model (GAM) – integrates prior theories,Expand
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Trait displaced aggression and psychopathy differentially moderate the effects of acute alcohol intoxication and rumination on triggered displaced aggression
When angered, alcohol and rumination increase aggression toward the source of a subsequent minor annoyance. Little is known about individual differences that moderate this phenomenon. One hundredExpand
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Apples, Oranges, and the Burden of Proof – Putting Media Violence Findings Into Context
In this comment on Elson and Ferguson (2013), areas of agreement are noted in terms of the need to thoroughly and scientifically document the boundary conditions under which violent video games mostExpand
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Ostracism: A form of indirect aggression that can result in aggression
Cet article fait le point sur la theorie et les travaux lies a l'ostracisme (le fait d'etre socialement ignore et exclu) et sur la possibilite de considerer ce phenomene comme une forme indirecteExpand
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Teacher and Parent Perceptions of Relational and Physical Aggression During Early Childhood
Although links have been found between parents’ and teachers’ (caregivers’) attitudes about aggressive behavior, their responses to aggressive behaviour in children, and those children’s own use ofExpand
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