Wayne W. Ferguson

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A patient with acquired, isolated, chronic, severe neutropenia, minimal splenomegaly, and myeloid hyperplasia in the bone marrow is described. Splenectomy resulted in a rise into the normal range of the absolute neutrophil count within 18 hours after ligation of the splenic artery. No other underlying disorders were found, and efforts to demonstrate(More)
For the patient with hematobilia, a serious complication of liver injury, angiography is the definitive diagnostic procedure. In addition to localizing precisely the source of the hemorrhage, angiography also provides an effective alternative to surgery for the control of hemorrhage. In two cases of iatrogenic hematobilia discussed, the bleeding sites were(More)
In contrast to other series purporting advantages of routine lavage [20], our data support the position that, in patients with blunt abdominal trauma, certain criteria eliminate the need for peritoneal lavage and make this procedure an unwise investment of valuable time on a routine basis. Criteria such as evidence of hollow organ rupture on radiologic(More)