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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The treatment for X-linked hypophosphatemia (XLH) with phosphate and calcitriol can be complicated by secondary hyperparathyroidism and nephrocalcinosis. Furthermore, vitamin D and phosphate stimulate FGF23 production, the pathogenic factor causing XLH. We investigated in XLH patients: 1) whether treatment with the calcimimetic(More)
OBJECTIVE To carry out a multicenter, prospective, randomized trial of human growth hormone (GH), alone or in combination with oxandrolone (OX), in patients with Turner's syndrome (TS). METHODS In an initial phase lasting 12 to 24 months, 70 girls with TS, verified by karyotype, were randomly assigned to one of four groups: (1) observation, (2) OX, (3)(More)
Barriers to the use of islet transplantation as a practical treatment for diabetes include the limited number of available donor pancreata. This project was designed to determine whether the size of the islet could influence the success rate of islet transplantations in rats. Islets from adult rats were divided into two groups containing small (diameter(More)
OBJECTIVE The Lawson Wilkins Pediatric Endocrine Society recently issued new recommendations for the age at which puberty should be considered precocious, lowering the prevailing standards from 8 years to 7 years for white girls and to 6 years for black girls. The new recommendations were based on a single epidemiologic study that focused on the conditions(More)
The nonobese mouse model of autoimmune diabetes (NOD mouse) exhibits a strain-dependent preponderance of disease in females. Castration of male NOD mice leads to an increased incidence of diabetes, suggesting that testosterone directly modulates the expression of diabetes in the NOD mouse. However, castration also modulates hypothalamic and pituitary(More)
This study examined the psychosocial adjustment of children with asthma compared to children with diabetes, with cancer, and healthy children and the role of functional status in psychosocial adjustment. The total sample included 100 children, aged 8-16 years, (mean = 11.5 years), consisting of 48 boys and 52 girls. Children with asthma scored significantly(More)
AMBP measurements were obtained at 20-min intervals during the day and at 60-min intervals during the night in 38 adolescents and young adults (12-25 yr old) with type I diabetes, and in 36 healthy, nondiabetic control subjects of comparable age. The group of patients with elevated AER (greater than 15 micrograms/min) had higher mean 24-h sBP, dBP, and BPB(More)
The effect of sugars on 125I-thyroid-stimulating hormone binding to beef thyroid membranes was studied to determine their role in thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) binding. At 0.1 M concentration, N-acetylneuraminic acid produced a 3- to 7-fold increase in TSH binding, was the only sugar to enhance TSH binding, and did so whether binding was determined in(More)
An increased albumin excretion rate is recognized as an important early marker for incipient kidney disease in patients with diabetes mellitus. Many different techniques have been used, and a single void technique has been proposed as the simplest method for screening for increased albumin excretion. We evaluated a previous observation that single void(More)