Wayne Sullivan

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The decrease in abundance of a subset of highly conserved basic nuclear proteins is established to correlate with the loss of proliferative potential in association with the process of terminal differentiation in murine mesenchymal stem cells and human keratinocytes. These proteins, designated P2Ps for proliferation potential proteins, have apparent(More)
Shannon entropy is often considered as a measure of uncertainty. It is commonly believed that entropy is a good measure of how many guesses it will take to correctly guess a single value generated by a source. This belief is not well founded. We summarise some work in this area, explore how this belief may have arisen via the asymptotic equipartition(More)
Future space missions require high-performance on-board processing capabilities and a high degree of flexibility. State of the art radiation tolerant SRAM-based FPGAs with large gate count provide an attractive solution for in-flight dynamic reconfigurability. With these devices an advanced System-on-Chip (SoC) can be implemented, but also the system(More)
EDMAC, a set of Plain T E X macros, was made at the beginning of 90's for typesetting critical editions in the traditional way, i.e., similar to the Oxford Classical Texts, Teubner, Arden Shakespeare and other series. A separate set of Plain T E X macros, TABMAC, provides for tabular material. Another set of Plain T E X macros, EDSTANZA, assists in(More)
To define the functional domains of the progesterone receptor required for gene regulation, complementary DNA (cDNA) clones encoding the chicken progesterone receptor have been isolated from a chicken oviduct lambda gt11 cDNA expression library. Positive clones expressed antigenic determinants that cross-reacted with six monospecific antibodies derived from(More)
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