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This handbook presents indicators for five key dimensions of health system performance: access, equity, quality, efficiency, and sustainability. These performance measures are considered within a framework that maps the linkages between health sector reform, changes in health system performance, and ultimately, changes in health status. It also provides a(More)
A total of 136 lower limbs from 68 human cadavers were dissected to determine the incidence of the long accessory flexor muscle and its origins and insertions. The muscle was present in 11 of 136 lower extremities (8%) and 9 of 68 cadavers (13%). Five long accessory flexor muscles originated from the tibia and fascia of the deep posterior compartment and(More)
On behalf of my fellow OSSPAC Commissioners, I want to thank several individuals whose vision and support have made our resilience planning work possible. First and foremost, we thank our colleague Rep. Deborah Boone, who introduced House Resolution 3 and won the unanimous support of her colleagues on April 18, 2011. We are also grateful to Governor John(More)
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