Wayne Salamon

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We present the design and implementation of MultiKron PCI, a hardware performance monitor that can be plugged into any computer with a free PCI bus slot. The monitor provides a series of high-resolution timers, and the ability to monitor the utilization of the PCI bus. We also demonstrate how the monitor can be integrated with online performance monitoring(More)
We investigate the configuration and performance of remote commodity computing clusters. This is the dynamic pooling of separate clusters into a single large remote cluster via existing LANs or even the Internet. We discuss the configuration and setup of these remote clusters, as well as the networks since these clusters are on separate Ethernet subnets and(More)
NIST is experimenting with cluster computing using Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Fast Ethernet for interconnection. One objective is concerned with evaluating the viability of commodity PC based distributed computing for some of the NIST high performance computation workload. Another objective is concerned with determining the benefits of ATM over(More)