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Specific hardware and software products identified in this report were used in order to perform the evaluations described in this document. In no case does identification of any commercial product, trade name, or vendor, imply recommendation or endorsement by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, nor does it imply that the products and(More)
We present the design and implementation of MultiKron PCI, a hardware performance monitor that can be plugged into any computer with a free PCI bus slot. The monitor provides a series of high-resolution timers, and the ability to monitor the utilization of the PCI bus. We also demonstrate how the monitor can be integrated with online performance monitoring(More)
We report performance of one-to-many fingerprint identification algorithms using one, two, four, eight or ten fingers for recognition. Performance is quantified in terms of recognition accuracy (false positive and false negative identification rate), robustness of algorithms (failure to process images) and computational efficiency (time to execute and size(More)
It is being released as formal NIST Interagency Report as a definitive documentation of a method of testing fingerprint minutia matching algorithms running on ISO/IEC 7816 smart cards. ― In 10.4.1, state that we will attempt Command Chaining for large templates. ― In 10.5.2, add hyperlink to NIST's minutia template handling open-source code ― In 10.5.2, add(More)
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