Wayne R. Jones

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The purpose of the work was to develop an in vitro model for the study of lymphatic endothelium and to determine, using this model, whether or not a cytoplasmic process may be involved in transendothelial transport. Segments of canine renal hilar lymphatics were dissected clean, cannulated at both ends, and transferred to a perfusion chamber for measurement(More)
The Groundwater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT) is a user-friendly, open source software tool used to analyze and report trends in groundwater quality monitoring data. GWSDAT is based on the open source statistical programming language R and Microsoft Excel. GWSDAT's primary use is for interrogation and interpretation of groundwater monitoring(More)
b Fitting statistical models to spatiotemporal data requires finding the right balance between imposing smoothness and following the data. In the context of P-splines, we propose a Bayesian framework for choosing the smoothing parameter, which allows the construction of fully automatic data-driven methods for fitting flexible models to spatiotemporal data.(More)
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