Wayne R. Buck

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Rapid and accurate genotype determination is ideal for the maintenance of breeding colonies of laboratory animal models of genetic disease. The rhesus macaque and murine (twitcher) models of globoid cell leukodystrophy have a dinucleotide deletion or single nucleotide substitution, respectively, which abolish ceramide beta-galactosidase activity and are(More)
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is commonly used for assessing biomarkers of drug efficacy or disease progression in the central nervous system. Studies of CSF from pre-clinical species can characterize biomarkers for use in clinical trials. However, obtaining CSF from pre-clinical species, particularly rodents, can be challenging due to small body sizes, and(More)
The prolonged feeding process of ixodid ticks, in combination with bacterial transmission, should lead to a robust inflammatory response at the blood-feeding site. Yet, factors present in tick saliva may down-regulate such responses, which may be beneficial to spirochete transmission. The primary goal of this study was to test the hypothesis that tick(More)
To facilitate the study of the chemical pathology of galactosylsphingosine (psychosine, GalSph) in Krabbe disease and glucosylsphingosine (GlcSph) in Gaucher disease, we have devised a facile method for the effective separation of these two glycosylsphingosines from other glycosphingolipids (GSLs) in Krabbe brain and Gaucher spleen samples. The procedure(More)
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