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Ada has been adopted as the primary programming language at the University of Hew Orleans. This piper discusses some ~ the features of Adl pertinent to adoption as a primary programming language and also the resulU to date ot the implementation efforts at the U~iversity of New Orleans. In 1975, the United States Deportment of Oefeuse(OoD), in the belief(More)
  • Program Solicitation, Maria Burka, +12 authors Eva Zanzerkia
  • 2007
Preliminary Proposal Due Date(s) (required) (due by 5:00 p.m. proposer's local time): Each preliminary proposal must uniquely correspond to a Letter of Intent-see instructions. Full Proposal Submission Window Date(s) (due by 5:00 p.m. proposer's local time): By invitation only, based on review of preliminary proposal-see instructions. In furtherance of the(More)
We describe the synthesis of three angelicin derivatives which can be used for labeling nucleic acids with biotin. These compounds were used to label nucleic acids in the presence of lysed cell constituents. The resulting labelled nucleic acids show hybridization to a genus specific probe for E. coli. The relative comparison of sensitivity indicates that a(More)
Recently the study of finite fields or Galois fields has found application in a number of areas of computer science, including data encryption, coding theory, and systolic algorithms for VLSI systems. The authors will present a data structure for finite fields, with the Galois field operations implemented as an Ada package, overloading the arithmetic and(More)