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Problem-solving appraisal, stress, hopelessness, and suicide ideation in a college population.
This investigation expands the research linking problem-solving skills to suicide by examining the role of problem-solving appraisal. In Study 1,277 students enrolled in introductory psychology
Relationship Between Anger Expression and Stress in Predicting Depression
In this study the authors examine the relationship between anger expression and stressful life events as predictors of depression among college students. Measures of anger expression, stressful life
MMPI And MMPI-2: Interpretation Manual For Counselors And Clinicians
Introduction Interpreting the MMPI Validity Scales Clinical Scales Supplementary Scales Sample MMPI Interpretations Ethnic and Cross- Cultural Differences on the MMPI-2 the MMPI and MMPI-2 in Medical
Gender Roles and Self-Esteem: A Consideration of Environmental Factors
Much empirical research has examined the psychological well-being of individuals with varying gender role orientations. This research has typically shown masculinity to be a strong correlate of
The relationship between problem-solving self-appraisal and psychological adjustment
This study examined whether college students' self-appraisal of their problem-solving effectiveness (i.e., perceived confidence, personal control, approach-avoidance) is related to their
Reasons for Comprehensive Examinations: A Re-evaluation
ceptions Test in six elementary psychology courses. Journal of Educational Psychology, 1960, 57, 240-244. Orne, M. T. Can a hypnotized subject be compelled to carry out otherwise unacceptable
Alcohol and Multiple Drug Abuse in Accused Murderers
The effects of alcohol and multiple drug abuse on violent behavior were studied with a sample of 110 men charged with first degree or capital murder. Subjects were divided into four groups based upon
On the Perceived Non‐Utility of Research in Counseling
Additional observations about the perceived non-utility of research are offered in terms of relevance and rigor, practicum training, practitioners' work environments, and efficiency of information