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Despite numerous aphasia and functional imaging studies, the exact correlation between cortical language areas and subcomponents of the linguistic system has not been established. Here, we used functional MRI to identify cortical areas specifically involved in syntactic processing. An experimental design contrasted sentences containing grammatical errors(More)
The Mars Sample Return (MSR) Project is underway. A 2003 mission to be launched on a Delta III Class vehicle and a 2005 mission launched on an Ariane 5 will culminate in carefully selected Mars samples arriving on Earth in 2008. NASA is the lead agency and will provide the Mars landed elements, namely, landers, rovers, and Mars ascent vehicles (MAVs). The(More)
Percutaneous high frequency coronary rotational ablation (PTCR) was used in 10 patients with significant coronary artery disease. PTCR removes arteriosclerotic material from the vessel wall. A diamond-coated (60-80 micron) brass burr-drill, fastened to a flexible drive shaft rotating and tracking along a central coaxial guide wire, was used. The turbine(More)
To determine whether coronary patency could be detected early during thrombolytic therapy, commonly used markers of perfusion were recorded in 386 patients with acute myocardial infarction treated with tissue plasminogen activator. Infarct artery angiography 90 minutes after initiation of therapy was used to determine perfusion status. Of patients with(More)
In an earlier paper, Honda and O'Neil (1993: 237) suggested that linguistic inquiry in the K-12 school curriculum would ideally " take advantage of the linguistic diversity of a class of students to examine cross-linguistic, cross-dialectal, and cross-modular phenomena. " Based on subsequent work, Honda, O'Neil, and Pippin (2010: 186-187) found that "(More)