Wayne O'Neil

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Despite numerous aphasia and functional imaging studies, the exact correlation between cortical language areas and subcomponents of the linguistic system has not been established. Here, we used functional MRI to identify cortical areas specifically involved in syntactic processing. An experimental design contrasted sentences containing grammatical errors(More)
This thesis investigates how phonological.phrases are related to the syntactic representation, to focus, and to the representation of prominence.. The proposal that is defended here is that among the three relevant basic entities represented by the grammar, syntactic constituency, prosodic constituency, arid prominence, the grammar places a simple demand on(More)
This thesis consists of two parts. Part I provides an analysis of the locative inversion construction, the conjunction agreement construction, and the genitive of negation construction in Russian. These constmctions are argued to share one formal property: they contain an element other than the highest nominal argument satisfying the Extended 3rojection(More)
The Mars Sample Return (MSR) Project is underway. A 2003 mission to be launched on a Delta III Class vehicle and a 2005 mission launched on an Ariane 5 will culminate in carefully selected Mars samples arriving on Earth in 2008. NASA is the lead agency and will provide the Mars landed elements, namely, landers, rovers, and Mars ascent vehicles (MAVs). The(More)
The pilot project took place at a public high school in Greater Boston where Ginsberg was then an ESL teacher. Ginsberg initiated this project because he was seeking to supplement the curriculum of his high-intermediate ESL class with critical inquiry activities. He approached Honda and O’Neil for linguistic inquiry materials that he could incorporate into(More)
This thesis provides an analysis of scrambling, following the Minimalist program of Chomsky 1992, examining Hindi as a case study and occasionally making comparisons with Japanese. The first major claim is that there are two kinds of operations that yield scrambling. One type, called outer scrambling, is an operator-variable construction and is the result(More)