Wayne Millington

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BACKGROUND Three sites in the UK have daily records of pollen spanning several decades, giving the longest data sets worldwide. Previous research on London data revealed decreasing severity of grass pollen seasons. This is often taken as a model for the whole country but comparisons with Derby and Cardiff, in different regions of local climate and land-use,(More)
OBJECTIVES The importance of airborne fungal and other spores in provoking asthma attacks is uncertain. Panel studies have generated evidence that suggests a link between outdoor spore counts and severity of asthma. There have been no population based time series studies relating outdoor exposure to spores with incidence of attacks of asthma. METHODS(More)
The Institute of Medicine has recommended that policy decisions about improvement of national public health systems be guided by sound scientific evidence. However, to date there is no national research agenda to help guide public health systems. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was called upon to lead a collaborative consensus-based process(More)
Cladosporium conidia have been shown to be important aeroallergens in many regions throughout the world, but annual spore concentrations vary considerably between years. Understanding these annual fluctuations may be of value in the clinical management of allergies. This study investigates the number of days in summer when spore concentration exceeds the(More)
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