Wayne McCoy

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A common misconception attributes sparing of the flexor carpi ulnaris (FCU) in ulnar neuropathy at the elbow (UNE) to its innervating branch arising "at or above the elbow." We examined the relationship of FCU branches to the medial epicondyle (ME) and humeroulnar aponeurotic arcade (HUA) in 30 cadaver elbows. In only three did the first FCU branch arise at(More)
As ISDNs develop, distributed applications on these networks will increase in number, scope and complexity. The distributed application environment will become more and more complicated. Distributed applications are as varied as application environments, requiring cooperations between them in different ways and to different extents. We describe here a new(More)
s In recent years, the National Information Infrastructure(Nil) has come to be seen as a foundation for modern communications, yet our understanding of the specific services, technologies, and standards that must be in place to make the Nll a realltv is insufficient. This article is Intandadto fill the gap by proposing an Nll Services Model, which provides(More)
Controlled experimentation using dogs has demonstrated that free nerve-end insertion into a denervated muscle that has lost its motor nerve at the point of entry into that muscle can sprout axons at its implanted end to unite with neuromuscular endplates, either preexisting or new, and result in a functioning muscle. Clinical applications can be found in(More)
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