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Cannabis use is prevalent among young people, and frequent users are at an elevated risk for health problems. Availability and effectiveness of conventional treatment are limited, and brief interventions (BIs) may present viable alternatives. One hundred thirty-four young high-frequency cannabis users from among university students were randomized to either(More)
2 Acknowledgements The Joint Home Offi ce ACPO team would like to express their thanks to all those involved in contributing towards the drafting of this document The front cover photograph is reproduced with permission from This publication may reasonably be reproduced (but not the Royal Arms or any other departmental or agency logos) free of charge in any(More)
OBJECTIVES In the year 2000, as part of the process for setting New Zealand road safety targets, a projection was made for a reduction in social cost of 15.5 percent associated with improvements in crashworthiness, which is a measure of the occupant protection of the light passenger vehicle fleet. Since that document was produced, new estimates of(More)
Anthrax toxin was present in the blood obtained from rhesus monkeys at the terminal stage of anthrax and was also present in increasing amounts in the lymph as death approached. When sterile toxin produced in vitro was injected in sufficient amounts, monkeys died unless they were injected with specific antiserum. Death with symptoms of toxemia occurred(More)
OBJECTIVE In order to effectively plan and implement psychiatric services, a clear estimate of the prevalence and distribution of the population in need is required. The authors examined the use of administrative data as a means of estimating the prevalence and distribution of schizophrenic disorders. METHODS Administrative health services data for(More)
PURPOSE Prescription opioid analgesic (POA)-related burden of disease - including mortality - is high and constitutes a major public health problem in the US and Canada. Associations between the overall levels of POA consumption and key related morbidity indicators in the population have been demonstrated. We examined potential correlations between levels(More)
PURPOSE To examine qualitative and quantitative levels and trends of prescription opioid analgesics ("opioids") use and the potential impact of prescription monitoring programs (PMPs), in the 10 Canadian provinces, for 2005-2010. METHODS Opioid dispensing data from a representative sample of 2700 retail pharmacies were obtained. Individual opioid(More)