Wayne J DiFranceisco

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OBJECTIVE To determine the effects of a behavioural intervention for prevention of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases that identified, trained, and engaged leaders of Roma (Gypsy) men's social networks to counsel their own network members. DESIGN A two arm randomised controlled trial. SETTING A disadvantaged, impoverished Roma settlement in Bulgaria.(More)
To reappraise a prior study of hangover signs and psychosocial factors among a sample of current drinkers, we excluded a subgroup termed Sobers, who report "never" being "tipsy, high or drunk." The non-sober current drinkers then formed the sample for this report (N = 1104). About 23% of this group reported no hangover signs regardless of their intake level(More)
The Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (SMAST), often given to clinical samples to detect alcoholics, was used in a survey of a randomly selected sample (N = 1,266) in a small midwestern town, with a population of about 10,000. The specific aims were: (1) to test if scores on the SMAST would be related to these normal subject's levels of drinking; (2)(More)
OBJECTIVE To use prospective diaries to assess the effects of alternative survey question formats and data collection modes on the accuracy of retrospective self-reports of sexual behavior for the same time period. DESIGN Over a 3-month period, 493 adults completed and returned by mail daily diaries of their sexual activities. Participants then returned(More)
OBJECTIVE To test a novel social network HIV risk-reduction intervention for MSM in Russia and Hungary, where same-sex behavior is stigmatized and men may best be reached through their social network connections. DESIGN A two-arm trial with 18 sociocentric networks of MSM randomized to the social network intervention or standard HIV/STD(More)
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