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Acknowledgment This thesis could not have been completed without the encouragment and support of my supervisor Vic Cieseliski, my wife Jenny, and my sons Michael, Andrew, and David. i Declaration I certify that all work on this thesis was carried out between February 1996 and May 1997 and it has not been submitted for any academic award at any other(More)
This paper presents a tunable transmission line (t-line) structure, featuring independent control of line inductance and capacitance. The t-line provides variable delay while maintaining relatively constant characteristic impedance using direct digital control through FET switches. As an application of this original structure, a 60 GHz RF-phase shifter for(More)
A self-healing mmWave SoC integrating an 8052 microcontroller with 12kB of memory, an ADC, a temperature sensor, and a 3-stage cascode 60GHz LNA, implemented in a 32nm SOI CMOS technology exhibits a peak gain of 21dB, an average 3.3dB NF from 53 to 62GHz and 18mW power consumption. An indirect NF sensing algorithm was implemented on the integrated uC, which(More)
RF designs such as phased array antenna systems make use of on-chip electronically controllable delay elements. This paper presents simulations and measurements of on-chip variable delay transmission lines with fixed characteristic impedance in two different technologies. EM simulations in a 130 nm BiCMOS technology show a delay change of 15.6 % is possible(More)
As operating frequencies increase in state-of-the-art wireless designs, highly accurate modelling of critical interconnect paths routed over silicon is crucial for first-pass design success [1]. With this in mind, the interconnect stack of an IBM silicon germanium (SiGe) process incorporating a TSV ground supply network was modelled with model accuracy and(More)
—Although the discontinuity structures in the microstrip transmission lines such as a gap and bend have been largely studied, the three-dimensional edge effects, skin effects and metal losses have hardly been analyzed. In this paper, modeling of transmission line with bend and gap discontinuity with equation based process technology independent method are(More)
— This paper presents a novel on-chip passive bandpass filter for millimeter-wave (MMW) applications that utilizes a pair of electrically-coupled thru-silicon vias (TSV). The presented TSV bandpass filter can be used in MMW applications such as radar, medical imaging, and communication. The TSV bandpass filter uses two TSVs to extend two(More)
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