Wayne H Osness

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This meta-analysis of controlled clinical trials quantifies the effect of aerobic exercise on VO2max (aerobic fitness) among sedentary older adults and examines the associations of such magnitude with variables of intervention. Forty-one trials including 2102 older subjects (within-group mean age of 60 years and older) were identified by searches of(More)
PURPOSE Question remains regarding endurance training and changes in resting heart rate (HR) among older individuals. The objective of this meta-analysis was to determine the effects of controlled aerobic training on resting HR among sedentary older adults. METHODS Studies were identified by a systematic computer database search, hand article search, and(More)
Substantial research has indicated the beneficial effect of physical activity on physical fitness and activities of daily living in older adults, but none have investigated the effects on performance of recreational activities. This investigation studied the effect of an exercise program on fitness and golf-clubhead speed in older men. Thirty-one golfers(More)
The effects of age and sex on six neuromuscular performance traits are studied in a cross-sectional sample of 559 members of the Goessel, Kansas Mennonite commu­ nity. Age and sex effects are assessed by stepwise polynomial regression which includes non-linear age terms up to the fourth power. Of the six traits studied only one, Hand Steadiness, fails to(More)
This randomized clinical trial was aimed to assess whether pulmonary function would change in sedentary elderly people after a controlled exercise program. 45 participants over 75 yr. of age (M age 83.7 +/- 3.0) were assigned randomly to a control and two aerobic exercise groups of moderate and high intensity. In 10 wk. the program sessions were 40 min. in(More)
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