Wayne H. Akeson

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Disruption of the upper motor neuron inhibitory pathways by stroke, brain trauma, or spinal cord injury leads to muscle spasticity. Spasticity is characterized by increased muscle tone, hyperactive reflexes, and possible clonus or rigidity. The increased muscle tone may result in loss of joint motion, leading to contractures. Treatment of established(More)
There is a pressing need for in vivo models in which potential antitumor agents can be tested for their ability to inhibit the growth and metastatic spread of human sarcomas. A recent advance in this regard has been the development of a v-Ki-ras-oncogene-transformed human osteosarcoma cell line (KRIB) that efficiently colonizes the lungs of athymic nude(More)
BACKGROUND CONTEXT A controversy exists about the mechanism of causation of the post-laminectomy pain syndrome. Some believe that epidural scarring, and attendant spinal nerve and nerve root scarring and tethering to the disc or pedicle at the site of surgery contributes to post-laminectomy pain in such patients. However, clinical outcome studies on this(More)
Chronic low back pain with sciatica complicating post laminectomy surgery is poorly understood. It is likely that some aspects of persistent pain of the syndrome results from spinal facilitation in which there is lowering of pain excitation levels. A small animal preclinical model is needed that mimics the clinical condition to permit detailed studies of(More)
The objective of this study was to examine the effect of position of the knee and ankle on intracompartmental pressures in the leg. Slit catheters were introduced bilaterally into all four muscle compartments of the lower extremities of six healthy volunteers. Intracompartmental pressures were monitored with the catheters while the ankle joint was passively(More)
The vascularity of ten human flexor pollicis longus tendons was studied by injection and clearing techniques. Four separate vascular systems supply the tendon from the musculotendinous junction to the osseous insertion. The proximal two systems and the distal two systems are separated by an avascular zone over the metacarpophalangeal joint. While there are(More)
Spinal nerve fibrosis following injury or surgical intervention may play an important role in the pathophysiology of chronic back pain. In this current study, we demonstrate the role of biomechanical quantification of lumbar intraforaminal spinal nerve adhesion and tethering in the analysis of the post-laminectomy condition and describe a direct methodology(More)
Introduction: A rat model of the human post-laminectomy condition has been developed and published [1]. In this study, we intend to clarify the following in this model: 1) the effect of laminectomy and disc-injury in the creation of fibrosis within the intervertebral foramen; 2) the ability of hyaluronate to decrease interverte-bral foraminal fibrosis; 3)(More)
The objective of this study was to develop an apparatus for reliable, reproducible, and minimally invasive measurements of long-term, myoneural function. Twenty conditioned dogs were anesthetized and placed supine with one hindlimb secured in a boot apparatus. The hindpaw was attached to a force transducer that was connected to a recorder for continuous(More)
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