Wayne Goldsmith

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Modern high voltage (HV) insulation systems consist of multiple dielectric media - multi-source partial discharge (PD) data discrimination is required. The ability to accurately distinguish between the PD signals generated from different sources is seen as a critical function of future diagnostic systems. Two model PD sources were utilized in this(More)
A former player – one of the nation’s greatest walks into the changeroom. There is a respectful hush as he starts to speak. He talks about pride. He talks about spirit. He talks about commitment – about attitude. He talks about winning – the history of the nation at the world cup. With tears in his eyes he begins to recite the names of the great players who(More)
An experimental investigation was conducted to determine the frangibility of ophthalmic glass lenses loaded by the impact of steel spheres with diameters ranging from 6.35 to 28.6 mm when dropped from heights up to 1.905 m. These lenses were supported either simply, by a ring similar to that used in U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) drop tests, or(More)