Wayne Gerard

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SUMMARY Measuring the consequences of mutation in proteins is critical to understanding their function. These measurements are essential in such applications as protein engineering, drug development, protein design and genome sequence analysis. Recently, high-throughput sequencing has been coupled to assays of protein activity, enabling the analysis of(More)
Methylene blue is a cationic thiazine dye useful in staining parathyroid glands during surgical resection. There have been a number of reports of altered neurologic status postoperatively in patients who are taking antidepressant medications when they received methylene blue for their surgery. We present a case report and review 30 additional cases that(More)
INTRODUCTION This study was undertaken to describe the current status of the emergency medicine workforce in the United States. METHODS Surveys were distributed in 2008 to 2619 emergency department (ED) medical directors and nurse managers in hospitals in the 2006 American Hospital Association database. RESULTS Among ED medical directors, 713 responded,(More)
We describe how current radiological best practices are predicated on a sophisticated technological ecosystem usually comprised of multiple large-scale displays, and integrated record keeping and communication systems driven by high-speed networks. At the same time, current development of low-cost ultrasound (U/S) devices for low-resource settings trends(More)
Ultrasound imaging is an effective tool for identifying maternal mortality risk factors. Unfortunately, ultrasound is nearly absent in many rural healthcare facilities in developing regions due to the high costs of both equipment and required training. To leverage existing healthcare systems commonly found in these contexts, we have focused our efforts on(More)
Oxidative RNA damage has been linked to loss of RNA function and to the development of many human age-related diseases. Consequently, a need exists for methods to identify and quantify the extent of RNA oxidation on a genome-wide basis. We developed such a method by combining affinity selection of mRNA containing 8-hydroxyguanine with high throughput DNA(More)
The future of emergency care in the United States and the role that family physicians will play in that future is of concern to the AAFP. That concern led to the development of a policy on family physicians in emergency medicine, an AAFP position paper, and the formation of the Special Interest Group-Emergency Medicine (SIG-EM), which launched at the 2010(More)
Ultrasound imaging is an effective tool for identifying maternal mortality risk factors. However, the high cost of ultrasound devices and the scarcity of ultrasound training are two major barriers to adoption in the developing world; complicated and expensive medical technologies are unlikely to meet the needs of users with limited opportunities for formal(More)