Wayne G Cotton

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BACKGROUND Physical activity levels decline markedly among girls during adolescence. School-based interventions that are multi-component in nature, simultaneously targeting curricular, school environment and policy, and community links, are a promising approach for promoting physical activity. This report describes the rationale, design and baseline data(More)
The aim of this paper was to describe and test a social cognitive model of physical activity tailored for adolescent girls. Participants were 1518 girls (aged 13.6 ± 0.02 years) from 24 secondary schools in New South Wales, Australia. Useable accelerometer (≥10 hours day(-1) on at least 3 days) and questionnaire data were obtained from 68% of this sample (N(More)
BACKGROUND Healthy eating by primary school-aged children is important for good health and development. Schools can play an important role in the education and promotion of healthy eating among children. The aim of this review was to: 1) perform a systematic review of randomised controlled, quasi-experimental and cluster controlled trials examining the(More)
BACKGROUND Previous evaluations of the SunSmart Program have supported the link between a written sun protection policy and improved sun protection behaviours in New South Wales (NSW) primary schools. However these evaluations have relied on self-reported data and research suggests that direct observations are required to better represent schools' usual sun(More)
The absolute position of the compact radio source at the dynamical center of the Galaxy, Sgr A * , was known only to an accuracy of 0.2 ′′ in spite of its accurate location with respect to near-IR stellar sources to within 30 milliarcsecond (mas). To remedy this poor positional accuracy, we have selected 15 high-resolution, high-frequency VLA observations(More)
BACKGROUND Recent data show that only 15% of Australian adolescents participate in adequate amounts of physical activity (PA) and those students from Asian and Middle-Eastern backgrounds in Grades 6-12 are significantly less active than their English-speaking background peers. Schools have recently been recognised as the most widely used and cost-effective(More)
We present the first N-band nulling plus K-and L-band V 2 observations of a young stellar object, MWC 325, taken with the 85 m baseline Keck Interferometer. The Keck nuller was designed for the study of faint dust signatures associated with debris disks, but it also has a unique capability for studying the temperature and density distribution of denser(More)
Received ; accepted – 2 – ABSTRACT This is a first in a series of papers presenting a sensitive λ20cm VLA continuum survey of the Galactic center region using new and archival data based on multi-configuration observations taken with relatively uniform uv coverage. The high dynamic range images cover the regions within −2 • < l < 5 • and −40 ′ < b < 40 ′(More)
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