Wayne F. Anderson

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O-Linked glycans vary between eukaryotic cell types and play an important role in determining a glycoprotein's properties, including stability, target recognition, and potentially immunogenicity. We describe O-linked glycan structures of a recombinant human IgA1 (hIgA1) expressed in transgenic maize. Up to six proline/hydroxyproline conversions and variable(More)
Peptidoglycan surrounds the bacterial cytoplasmic membrane to protect the cell against osmolysis. The biosynthesis of peptidoglycan, made of glycan strands crosslinked by short peptides, is the target of antibiotics like β-lactams and glycopeptides. Nascent peptidoglycan contains pentapeptides that are trimmed by carboxypeptidases to tetra- and tripeptides.(More)
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