Wayne Dysinger

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Increased levels of physical activity are associated with improved health. However, the determinants of an active lifestyle are unknown. Participation in school sports and physical education during childhood and adolescence are frequently mentioned as factors likely to promote more active lifestyles in adulthood. If this is true, public policy should more(More)
Seventh-day Adventists in California have much lower mortality from ischemic heart disease than do other Californians, but the risk factors have not been well documented previously for a representative sample. This study, conducted in 1982, chose a random sample of 160 Californian non-Hispanic white middle-aged Adventist men, 160 of their similar-aged male(More)
In 2003, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) inaugurated its Leadership Preventive Medicine residency (DHLPMR), which combines two years of leadership preventive medicine (LPM) training with another DHMC residency. The aim of DHLPMR is to attract and develop physicians who seek to become capable of leading change and improvement of the systems where(More)
BACKGROUND Quality improvement and population medicine are skills that are increasingly important for physicians to possess. Methods to achieve foundational acquisition of these skills in medical school have not been well described in the past. PURPOSE The primary goal of this project is to provide hands-on, experiential learning in full-cycle(More)
MyHeart is a telehealth system designed to bridge the current gap in the Congestive Heart Failure care continuum that occurs when the patient transitions from the hospital to the home environment. The system uses wireless health devices and a mobile application on the patient's end, a rule-based expert system, and a dashboard on the clinician's end to(More)
We conducted a national survey of all physicians who graduated from preventive medicine residency (PMR) programs between 1979 and 1989. We mailed a self-administered questionnaire to all PMR graduates of the 43 U.S. programs in General Preventive Medicine and Public Health, requesting information on their current professional activities. Out of 1,070 PMR(More)