Wayne Dunham

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This paper studies the short-run and long-run behavior of a competitive economy in which both the discount factor and technological change are endogenously determined. In particular, the effect of saving behavior on persistent economic growth is considered. The paper provides the sufficient condition on the rate of impatience and the concavity of private(More)
Two externally imposed economic pressures that grip the health care industry are on a collision course: tightening reimbursement and exploding costs of malpractice litigation and insurance. Physicians practice defensive medicine to cope with the latter, but regulatory agencies are no longer willing to pay for this habit. Pathologists must be aware of the(More)
Pathologists face new demands resulting from malpractice litigation, health regulations, increased competition, and heightened consumer activism. Yet despite the concerns about quality and cost that beset the field, the pathologist's mission remains the same: the provision of quality care. Against the backdrop of current pressures, the authors describe the(More)
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