Wayne Dickson

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Plasmonic technology relies on the coupling of light to surface electromagnetic modes on smooth or structured metal surfaces. While some applications utilise the resonant nature of surface polaritons, others require broadband characteristics. We demonstrate unidirectional and broadband plasmonic antennas with large acceptance angles based on chirped(More)
Hyperbolic metamaterials comprised of an array of plasmonic nanorods provide a unique platform for designing optical sensors and integrating nonlinear and active nanopho-tonic functionalities. In this work, the waveguiding properties and mode structure of planar anisotropic metamaterial waveg-uides are characterized experimentally and theoretically. While(More)
Nonlinear optical materials comprise the foundation of modern photonics, offering functionalities ranging from ultrafast lasers to optical switching, harmonic and soliton generation. Optical nonlinearities are typically strong near the electronic resonances of a material and thus provide limited tuneability for practical use. Here we show that in plasmonic(More)
Plasmonic crystals provide many passive and active optical functionalities, including enhanced sensing, optical nonlinearities, light extraction from LEDs and coupling to and from subwavelength waveguides. Here we study, both experimentally and numerically, the coherent control of SPP beam excitation in finite size plasmonic crystals under focussed(More)
  • J S Farries, W Dickson, E Greenwood, T R Malhotra, J D Abbott, D M Jones
  • 1975
Between December 1970, and the end of June, 1974, there were 82 cases of meningococcal infection, including 14 deaths, in the metropolitan borough of Bolton. This outbreak, caused by a sulphonamide-sensitive group-B strain, was characterised by a high attack-rate in young children, reaching a peak of 184 per 100,000 per year in the 6-11-month age-group. All(More)
OBJECTIVE This study attempted to identify remembered reactions of Oklahoma City residents at the time of the April 1995 terrorist bombing that predicted later development of posttraumatic stress symptoms. METHODS Eighty-six adults who sought help for distress related to the bombing six months after it occurred completed a survey about demographic(More)
We study the anisotropic properties of multilayer fishnet optical metamaterials and describe topological transitions between the elliptic and hyperbolic dispersion regimes. In contrast to other hyperbolic media, multilayer fishnet metamaterials may have negative components not only in the effective permittivity tensor but also in the effective permeability(More)
The first NINDS/NIBIB consensus meeting to define neuropathological criteria for the diagnosis of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. CTE, Alzheimer's disease, progressive supranuclear palsy, argyrophilic grain disease, corticobasal degeneration, primary age-related tauopathy, and parkinsonism dementia complex of Guam. The results demonstrated that there was(More)
Integrated plasmonic sources and detectors are imperative in the practical development of plasmonic circuitry for bio- and chemical sensing, nanoscale optical information processing, as well as transducers for high-density optical data storage. Here we show that vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) can be employed as an on-chip, electrically(More)
We investigate the absorption properties of planar hyperbolic metamaterials (HMMs) consisting of metal-dielectric multilayers, which support propagating plane waves with anomalously large wavevectors and high photonic-density-of-states over a broad bandwidth. An interface formed by depositing indium-tin-oxide nanoparticles on an HMM surface scatters light(More)