Wayne Daley

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—Color information is useful in vision-based feature detection, particularly for food processing applications where color variability often renders grayscale-based machine-vision algorithms that are difficult or impossible to work with. This paper presents a color machine vision algorithm that consists of two components. The first creates an artificial(More)
A partial differential equation (PDE)-based feature-level image fusion approach is proposed for multisensory image segmentation. The energy functional of the proposed fusion model is a weighted sum of several functionals, each constructed based on the characteristics of the sensor image. The weight selection decides the way that the model handles redundant,(More)
Time-of-Flight (TOF) sensors provide range information at each pixel in addition to intensity information. They are becoming more widely available and more affordable. This paper examines the utility of dense TOF range data for image segmentation and tracking. Energy based formulations for image segmentation are used, which consist of a data term and a(More)
This paper is an effort to help prevent broiler chicken mortality caused by stressful conditions. We assume a relation between broiler chicken vocalizations and stress; therefore, microphones were used to monitor a flock of birds over the course of their lifetime (approximately 65 days). A noise removal method based on spectral oversubtraction was developed(More)
One critical area in automation for commercial deboning systems for meat processing, is the inability of existing equipment to adapt to varying sizes and shapes of products. This usually results in less than desirable outcomes when measured in terms of yield of the operations. In poultry processing for example, the initial cut of wing-shoulder joints is the(More)