Wayne D. Smith

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1 INTRODUCTION How does one determine server performance and price/performance for an Internet commerce, Ecommerce, environment? The most notable benchmarks, (SPECWeb and TPC-C), have been referenced by many vendors promoting the performance of their Ecommerce servers. However these benchmarks do not come close to representing the complex environment of an(More)
| \Church's thesis" is the notion that any \reasonable physical system" may be \simulated" by a Turing machine. The \strong" Church's thesis adds \...with at most polynomial slowdown." The \in-termediate" Church's thesis (my own invention) instead says \...with at most polynomial ampliication of memory-space requirements." (All the terms in quotes need to(More)
— Understanding how the left ventricle deforms in 3D and how this deformation is altered with coronary occlu-sion may lead to the development of non-invasive imaging techniques to determine the extent of permanent injury. To determine regional 3D strains in the left ventricle of the heart we employed digital sonomicrometry, with high temporal and spatial(More)
Psoriasis is a common condition with recognised psychological comorbidity in specialist practice. The objective of this study was to investigate the psychological comorbidities in psoriasis in patients from general (family) practices and specialist dermatology practices, using a qualitative methodology. This was a qualitative study, utilising(More)
This paper describes the TPC-VMS (Virtual Measurement Single System) benchmark that leverages the TPC-C, TPC-E, TPC-H, and TPC-DS benchmarks to provide a measure of database performance in a virtualized environment. TPC-VMS requires 3 identical TPC Benchmarks to be run in separate virtual machines, i.e. 3 TPC-C VMs, 3 TPC-E VMs, 3 TPC-H VMs or 3 TPC-DS VMs.(More)
Background. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is now more common among black and minority ethnic groups in the UK but little is known about the costs of care amongst different ethnic groups. Objective. This study examined and compared service use and costs for people severely affected with MS from Black Caribbean (BC) and White British (WB) backgrounds in the UK and(More)
Pur~ose of the session: This tutorial is intended to provide a computer science instructor who has little or no data communications background with the framework and supporting materials needed to implement a data communications laboratory at his/her institution. This laboratory can be implemented with as few as two personal computers running Turbo Pascal.(More)