Wayne D. Frasch

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Brief saturating light flashes were used to probe the mechanism of inactivation of O(2) evolution by Tris in chloroplasts. Maximum inactivation with a single flash and an oscillation with period of four on subsequent flashes was observed. Analyses of the oscillations suggested that only the charge-collecting O(2)-evolving catalyst of photosystem II(More)
Padlock probe-mediated quantitative real time PCR (PLP-qRT-PCR) was adapted to quantify the abundance of sequential 10mer DNA sequences for use in DNA computing to identify optimal answers of traveling salesman problems. The protocol involves: (i) hybridization of a linear PLP with a target DNA sequence; (ii) PLP circularization through enzymatic ligation;(More)
Over a decade ago (1988), John Boynton and colleagues successfully transformed the chloroplast genome of Chlamydomonas for the first time by complementation of a chloroplast deletion mutant. Since the first demonstration of chloroplast transformation the function and structure of many chloroplast encoded subunits of the photosynthetic apparatus has been(More)
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